TRUE | PS800 Treadmill

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The TRUE PS800 is the perfect example of stylish home fitness equipment that has your best interests in mind.  Not only does the PS800 deliver the quality that TRUE is known for, it offers additional safety features to make it the perfect piece for any room in your house.  The PS800 offers one of the largest running surfaces in the industry.  This, along with the handrails, makes this a piece of fitness equipment that keeps your family’s safety in mind.   

The TRUE PS800 features a larger motor, aluminum straddle covers and Soft Select™ which allows you to customize the softness or firmness of the deck surface, making it a versatile piece for every user in your household.

  • Dimensions: 82.5”L x 35.5”W

  • Running Surface: 60"L x 22"W

  • Motor: 4hp

  • Belt: Orthopedic & Reversible

  • Incline: 0%-15%

  • Speed: up to 12mph

  • Side Rails: Standard

  • Console: Escalate9 - 9" Color Active LCD Display

  • Programs: 28 (preset), 4 (custom)

  • Adjustable Soft Select System

  • Item: PS800


  • 30 years (motor)

  • 10 years (parts)

  • 1 year (labor)


TRUE offers users a comfortable and safe workout experience. The PS800 treadmill offers one of the largest running surfaces in the industry. This feature, along with handrails, puts you on a treadmill built with safety in mind. In addition, the TRUE Soft System™ ensures the most orthopedically correct shock absorption by providing a soft surface on impact while transitioning to a firm surface for push-off. In addition, the PS800 features Soft Select™, which allows you to set the firmness of the deck.


TRUE HRC Cruise ControlTM allows you to lock in on your targeted heart rate. Once your target is entered, one touch TRUE HRC Cruise ControlTM will adjust speed and incline automatically throughout the duration of your workout to maintain your target heart rate, just like the Cruise Control in your car.